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Latest News
I started to post my opinion on recent occurences as well as on academic affairs in my new blog at OK Nation
Current position
I am member of the Faculty of Social Science at Naresuan University of Phitsanulok, Thailand. Beside giving classes in both Undergraduate and Master Courses, I am member of several regional podiums.
My doctoral Thesis
The title of my dissertation is *The Evolution of the Thai State: The Political Economy of Formative and Transformative External Influences*. - Excerpt available at www.dissertation.de (pdf) - Book for sale at www.amazon.de
TEI Website Engagement
My first assignment back in Thailand was with Thailand Environmental Institute (TEI).
Dr. phil.
After conducting a five year academic research I finally received my doctoral level at University of Freiburg, Germany in December 2006.   Read my closing report about the time in Germany (pdf)
Phitsanulok 2008 Rome 2005 in Berlin
Munich 2003 Summer 2003 in Berlin
December 2003 in Munich Kitchen Party, January 2004
Strasbourg, France, February 2004 Summer 2003, Berlin
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